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IAFA Nominee at the American Accounting Association (AAA) Doctoral Consortium.

The American Accounting Association (AAA) is the largest community of accountants in academia. Founded in 1916, the AAA has a rich and reputable history built on leading-edge research and publications. The primary objective of the AAA Doctoral Consortium is to improve the quality of future accounting education and research by enriching the experience of selected doctoral candidates from U.S., Canadian and international universities. The consortium takes place in June of each year. (

The AAA offers a place at its annual Doctoral Consortium to a person nominated by the IAFA.

Applications for the IAFA AAA nomination

A call for applications is made on an annual basis.

Your application should include:

  1. A letter of application outlining how you meet the conditions of eligibility (max word count for letter 500 words).
  2. A title page, including: your name, contact details, the title of your PhD study, your institution of registration and your initial year of registration, the name of your supervisor(s). As the applications are blind-reviewed, please keep this title page separate from the 1,500 word report (see below).
  3. A 1,500 report, including: the background to your study, your research objectives, your research methods, your progress to date (for example, conference presentations, modules attended, and general progress on your PhD), your research plan for the forthcoming year, and an outline of how receiving the IAFA nomination to attend the AAA Doctoral consortium would benefit your PhD studies and contribute to the future development of the IAFA. Please conform to the word-count limit, and please cover all of the topics indicated.
  4. An email of support from your PhD supervisor, which should also confirm your period of registration.

All applicants will be notified when a decision regarding the recipient of the IAFA nomination is made.  The decision of the panel is final.

IAFA Doctoral Funding awards

The IAFA Doctoral Funding awards are designed to support doctoral students in the Irish accounting and finance academic community. This funding competition is open to all registered IAFA members who are undertaking research as part of a Masters or PhD qualification. The research must contribute to the aims of IAFA and a prize fund of up to €5,000 is available annually. Applicants must attend and present at the IAFA Doctoral Colloquium and winners will be announced at the main conference. To be eligible for funding you should complete the relevant part of the doctoral colloquium application form.

When completing the application form, you should be as specific as possible regarding your proposed use of the funding. Funding would generally not be provided for resources such as textbooks or software, as your HEI would typically provide these resources.

Successful applicants will be expected to present at the following year’s IAFA Doctoral Colloquium. This presentation will cover how they used the funds, how their work benefits the IAFA, and advice for future applicants.

Please note that all applications will be subject to a review by an independent panel of experienced IAFA members.  The decision of the panel is final.

European Accounting Association PhD Forum Scholarships

On an annual basis, IAFA will select up to three Doctoral Students to attend the EAA PhD Forum of the year following (i.e. selected by IAFA typically in May and attending the EAA PhD Forum the May of the following year). The Scholarship recipients will receive two years of free EAA membership, gaining free access to the EAA journals and to the entire EAA-ARC website. Recipients will also receive a reduction of €250 on the EAA Annual Congress Fee (early registration as a PhD student to the EAA Annual Congress is €250 so scholarship winners will be able to attend both the EAA PhD Forum and Annual Congress free of charge). The selected students will be required to submit their PhD proposals to the ARC PhD Mentoring Initiative (via IAFA) ( in the December following the IAFA conference and before the EAA PhD Forum so they can obtain feedback before attending the EAA PhD Forum. Attendance at the PhD Forum is conditional on registering for the EAA annual congress.

Doctoral students wishing to be considered for one of the three IAFA/EAA scholarship places must complete the relevant portion of the Doctoral Application form when applying to present at the IAFA Doctoral Colloquium. The recipients of the Scholarships will be announced at the annual conference.

Please note that all applications will be subject to a review by an independent panel of experienced IAFA members.  The decision of the panel is final.

Award for Contribution to the Journal – Accounting, Finance and Governance Review

A new IAFA award was launched in May 2019, involving the recognition of significant contribution to the Irish Accounting and Finance Association’s Journal: Accounting Finance and Governance Review. This award may be granted to an individual who has make a substantial contribution to the journal as an author, a reviewer, or an editor (of a special issue or otherwise). If awarded, this accolade will be announced at the annual conference gala dinner.

Funding Partners

We are very proud to have supportive funding partners which include: