IAFA Annual Conference Schedule & Joining Instructions

Colleagues and Delegates,

Thank you all for your contributions to the upcoming 32nd Annual  IAFA Conference at DCUBS.

Please find attached the Conference Schedule.

Chairs of Sessions: 

For those of you who are chairing a session. please note that full instructions will be left in the lecture theatre- in general, presenters should take 20 mins to present and 10 mins for questions – total time for each paper: 30 mins.  Could you please find someone to replace you, if for some reason, you are unable to chair your session.

The chairs and sessions and rooms on the Third Floor of DCUBS are:

Session 1 Thursday May 16th 11.30-13.00

Dr Peter Cleary-Q301 stream

Prof Joan Ballantine-Q302 stream

Prof Joe Coughlan-Q303 stream

Prof Barbara Flood-Q304 stream

Dr Patricia Martyn-Q305 stream

Session 2 Thursday May 16th 14.15-15.45

Ms Ruth Vance-Lee Q301 stream

Dr. Ray Donnelly- Q302 stream

Dr. Elaine Doyle- Q303 stream

Dr. Corina Sheerin- Q304 stream

Session 3: Friday May 17th 09.30-11.00

Dr Julie Bertz -Q301 stream

Dr Rebecca Maughan- Q302 stream

Dr Sheila O Donohoe- Q303 stream

Dr Gail Sheppard- Q304 stream

Session 4: Friday May 17th 11.30-13.00

Dr Rosemarie Kelly- Q301 stream

Dr. Tom Mc Cluskey – Q302 stream

Dr. Sheila O’ Donohoe- Q303 stream

Dr. Orla Feeney- Q304 stream

Joining instructions are available at this link.

Kind regards,


Dr Ruth Mattimoe, 

Assistant Professor

Accounting Group,

CIMA Advocate,

DCU Business School –http://www.dcu.ie/dcubs/index.shtml